And Now for Some Shameless Self-Promotion

You know how I’m always saying LEAP is so miraculous, and how sales can be fun and marketing can be rendering a service?

Yeah. Today I’m not going to say any of that – I’ll let someone else say it.

Let me show you the email Jimmy sent me after he read LEAP #3:


Yes, a great great read, you packed an awful lot in there. Made me want to throw all the paintings in the car and go door-to-door straight away.

I’m serious. It make me really aware of the importance of saying ‘Hi’ and talking to people, like those we were targeting while you were over here.

Its not easy, but I am understanding it more and that makes it easy because I’m beginning to see its total necessity. Hell, I’m doing them a favour talking to them! They’ll get exposed to my art. People need to see it and its my job to take the necessary actions to make that happen.

I’m in the business of looking for ‘literary goatherds’ those who really want to see my art on their wall and to have that association with me, my backstory and the story and meaning of the art itself.

truthfully found it very inspirational and its great to see it all written down in a cohesive document. I’ve underlined a lot of key points..that I can use to remind myself when I feel the whole enterprise is useless.

Thanks a million Martin for writing this and sharing it with me…

great, great stuff


*Sniff*  – they grow up so quick.

Seriously though, isn’t it interesting? That’s a guy who until a few months ago wouldn’t have dreamt of asking for a sale, much less consider it doing people a favour to promote something you make.

So let’s review some of the juicier bits:

– Reading the newsletter energised him so much, it made him want to go and sell his art door to door: Potentially profitable, but incredibly hard work. Door to door sales in any industry is considered the hardest there is and very few people are up for it. LEAP 3 however made him look forward to the experience.

– It helped him ‘get’ that yes, it’s actually a service to people if you put yourself out there and show up for them. ‘A favour to them’ – correct.

– He realised that – as I always say – it’s his duty and obligation to make it happen. Necessary steps… yes indeed.

– The literary goatherd – in case you didn’t read my email about that: I ran into a guy who paid 150 Euro for a book, an ancient print of Don Quichote.

Turned out, he’s a goatherd with a mad passion for literature. To him, therefore, paying 150 bucks for a book makes total sense.

Jimmy now understands at his core what type of client that is, and how profitable it can be to single out exactly those people.

– These days, it’s no longer a chore to him – he considers it his JOB to market his paintings – and the best of it all?

He’s enjoying it.

I mean how much better should it get?

That’s the power of signing up for a marketing system that’s built upon serving people, and that uses relationships, psychology and trust to find the people who most need you.

And, shows you how to sell your work to those people.

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