And My Word for the Year Is….

… actually not a word, but a phrase.

The other day I had a skype call with my wonderful friend, the artist and coach Jessica Serran.

And she asked me what my word for the year was.

After a moment’s pause, I said: “Let’s take it to the stage”.

Because really, I’m done playing small.

I never thought I had grand things to share, but over the years – working with artists and authors and all kinds of entrepreneurs – it’s been made clear to me that whatever message I do have to share,
needs to get out into the world.

And working like this, with a small list and a handful of wonderful clients – well, that just isn’t big enough.

Besides: Aren’t I the one who always tells you to dream big, that the bigger and more audacious your goal, the better?


So I’m stepping up to the plate.

First, I’m writing a book.

Not another ebook either: here we’re talking about a physical book.

And not self-published, but published by an official publisher.

I am SO excited. He accepted my book proposal in the 1st of January, I have the outline basically done, and this week I’m going over it with his editor.

With a bit of luck it’ll be out in the wild sometime this summer.

And next? Well, let’s take it to the stage, right?

I’m planning to start speaking in public, to get in front of even more people.

Where this will take me?

No idea, but I’m dreaming big.

Reaching a TED stage will be just a milestone.

A big one, but you bet I’m not going to stop there.

So that’s my word (phrase) for the year.

Let’s take it to the stage.

What’s your word for the year?

What’s the sign that governs this year for you?

(And no, I’m not talking about the Zodiac. I mean the word that signifies what you want this year to be like for you).

I’m curious, let me know.



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