An Important Lesson I Learned While Building a yacht With Robert Redford

Ok, we’re not talking about THE Robert Redford, but my friend with the same name.

And I wasn’t building a yacht with him, but just helping him get the new rudder down from his home workshop to the yacht he’s constructing.

He lives in La Caleta, the next village over.

It’s a small fisherman’s town, and it consists of narrow streets that sharply climb up the rock by the sea.

Think San Francisco but curvier, narrower, and much steeper.

The rudder is as thick as my fist, taller than I am, and probably weighs 100 kg.

Not something you’re going to carry.

So Robert had fashioned two little trolley planks with wheels under, so as to cart the thing down the hill.

But instead of creating a slot on them in which the rudder could sit, and instead of strapping the thing down onto them tight, he just put the rudder on the trolleys, cursorily wrapped some rope around it all, and off we went.

Needless to say, the rudder kept sliding off the planks, and they kept turning left and right under it, because of the irregular street surface.

In other words: it took ten times longer than necessary, was far more difficult to get done, and caused one of the wheels to ride over my foot.

You know how Abe Lincoln reportedly said that ‘If I have 6 hours to cut down a tree, I’ll spend 5 sharpening my axe’?


Proper preparation makes everything SO MUCH easier.

I honestly don’t understand why he didn’t just take 20 minutes to rig a setup that would be stable, and free of any slip ‘n slide.

Can you imagine what it’s like to stand on a 25% slope, sweating in the sun, using your groin to prevent a 100 kg slab of wood from rolling down a hill, while fumbling with rope that hadn’t been tied down properly?

It’s not only no fun, it’s dangerous too.

So here’s the lesson:

Whatever you set out to do, prepare yourself.

Look at your goal, the road ahead, the assets that you have at your disposal, and then ask yourself:

“What can go wrong? What if this happens, what if that doesn’t work?

“What eventualities would destroy my progress, or my business?”

Then strap everything down, buy fire extinguishers, pump up your tires – do whatever you need to do in order to prevent those possible risks from taking you out of business.

In other words: prepare yourself.

If not, the slightest bump in the road can – well you get the picture. I’m just lucky the thing didn’t slide off and land on my toes.

So, here’s one fantastic preparation for your business:

Optimising your website for conversion, and rewriting your signup page or about page so that people actually take action.

I’ll give you a custom report that tells you in detail how to do the first, and I’ll do the rewriting for the second, for only $159.

A very – VERY – special offer.

I was going to tell you the reason for this offer today, but I couldn’t get to setting up the page where I explain it, because Robert called me to ask for help.

Will try to do it tomorrow.

In the meantime, hit reply if you want a page rewrite+custom made conversion report at a no-brainer discount.

Just one more thing: I understand that even with that reduced price it’s too much for some people, and I regret that.

Maybe you want to, but can’t.

But if you think you don’t need a site and copy that converts, or you don’t see how investing in expert help is going to improve your business, then you’re seriously missing the point.

You have no business if you don’t get sales, and you simply can’t increase sales if you don’t grow your list.

So if you’re getting traffic, but people aren’t signing up, then get this help from me.


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