An Ethical 'Trick' That Practically Guarantees People Won't Complain or Call the Spam Police

Me: “I totally recommend sending your list a daily email!”

Reader: “But what if I get accused of harassment?”

Good question, and: definitely something you don’t need to worry your pretty little head about.

Allow me to ‘splain, by way of the reply I sent (rewritten and expanded):


The way to avoid that is to only send to people who have given explicit permission.

Google for Seth Godin and permission marketing for some interesting background reading.

Now, some people will start mailing all their email contacts, but that would be a big mistake.

I doubt anyone would call it harassment, but still: unsolicited email sending is spam, and that needs to be avoided.

This is why websites will use optin forms, where an individual needs to click a button to confirm subscription to a list. Only that list will receive the emails.

Clicking that button is means giving permission, but there’s more to it:

Even better is a setup where ‘double-optin’ is used: before subscription is complete, the new subscriber needs to click a link in a confirmation email.

Only then does the name get added to the list, and by asking someone to take two actions, they effectively confirm their permission.

But, there’s more to it (isn’t there always?)

One step above double optin is making it very clear, right at the first moment you invite people to sign up, that they won’t just receive the free optin incentive, but also a daily update.

Or weekly, or bi-weekly, whatever your preferred sending schedule pattern may be.

But make it clear that they know what they’re in for.

That way, you’ll only add names from people who actually want to receive your missives.

And logically, people who want to receive them will be very unlikely to complain, or flag you for spam, or even unsubscribe.

I use the same system on my own site.

It helps everyone: the visitor/subscriber won’t be receiving things they don’t want, and you will grow a list of people who are actually looking forward to hear from you.


Next, you get yer write on, and you start writing fun and helpful, inspiring updates.

Daily is best, but it’s not a law. Whatever works for you.


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