Always Look On the Bright Side of Sales

You know what’s ethical about sales?

Solving problems.

When someone – anyone – buys something, he or she is looking to solve a problem or meet a need of some sort.

A buyer is always looking to improve something, fix something, reduce or remove something negative.

If what you sell does that for them, it means that with each sale you’re essentially doing someone a favour.

If what you sell doesn’t solve a problem, why are you even in business?

So you do or make something, and it helps. It solves a problem, removes stress, improves health, smartens the buyer, teaches kids – whatever.

If you care about people, specifically if you care about your audience, you should be proud and driven to sell your stuff.

You’re helping, and you happen to get paid for your help, because helping in return for cash is the definition of business.

You can up this a level: Given that your business is justified in existing by virtue of improving life in some way or other, it’s your moral duty to sell.

It’s your ethical responsibility, obligation even, to get comfy with the idea of selling and marketing.

And it’s your job to get good at it.

Everybody wins: More people get their problems solved, you get
more cash. Ta-daa.

Caveat: ‘as many buyers as possible’ only applies to the ideal buyer, meaning people who actually need what you sell.

If someone is suckered into buying something that’s not ideal for them, you did nobody a favour.

Not even yourself, because you’ll probably get a refund request, and they will definitely not come back for another purchase.

Want to run an ethical business? Get used to sales, and learn how to sell effectively, to the right people.

Step 2: More profit.

If you’re ready to really be in business, I’ll help you write the salespage:

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