All the Power an Artist Has – Are You Wasting Yours?

John is a brilliant man, a true servant of people.

With just a few words, he can turn your world upside down, in a very good way.

But he doesn’t get out much, avoids people, and so very few people ever benefit from his gift.

Rupert is a genius scientist, who can analyse things to such finesse that he can solve the most confounding problems.

When he gets down to thinking, his mind flickers through so many options and ideas it’s like a christmas tree, and there’s always a way forward at the end of it.

But as it happens, he’s really into studying the psychology of bicycle riding and spends all his time on it.

He could be curing Alzheimer’s, but nope – Do people ring their bell right when they make a turn, or just before it? Interesting!

Michelle is a writer with an uncanny knack for telling a story in such a way that when you read it, you actually grow the moustache the lead character sports.

Her stories are about grit, transformation, resilience and resourcefulness and everyone who ever read one has come away a different man or woman.

But she only ever wrote a few, sold a few hundred copies, and since then all she writes is sales copy.

Good money, but man what a drag, to resign and live on in quiet desperation.

Susy is a very gifted painter, one who can put down a portrait so starkly realistic that the subject never sees herself in the same way.

People’s lives change after they see her work, even if it’s not their own portrait.

But she’s comfortable in her design job and rarely ever makes portraits.

John, Rupert, Michelle, Susy – what effect they could have on the world, if only they’d do what they were made for.

They could inspire, lead, transform the hearts and focus of many – but they don’t.


You be the judge.

But I’ll tell you this: each of us, in our own small or not so small way, we’ve been given a gift.

One that’s meant for the betterment of ‘the other’.

When we use our gift, we ourselves benefit from it too.

If we don’t, well then it’s like having a nice car that you never drive, rusting in the driveway.

A pointless waste.

An artist has power.

You get to use that power if you make it your mission to show up.

Get in front of people, and whatever influence and change you can engender gets a chance.

If you don’t, it won’t.

So let me ask you: do you show up?

Are you using your power, sharing your gift?

If you aren’t it’s quite possibly because you don’t to be salesy.

That’s a good thing, and what’s more: you don’t have to be salesy.

All you have to do is Listen, Explain, Ask, so that others can benefit and you can earn a Profit from your work.

Learn how with the LEAP marketing method –>

Brutal honesty: I too am guilty, which is why I really want to write a book and reach more people than I can with just a blog.

But more on that later…



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