Ahead of the Curve: Attention is Capital

While at the vernissage in Granada the other day, I got to talking with a philosopher.

He told me something about his predictions for the future, and it’s something you can start to apply today for your art marketing.

According to Jacob, the sweep of technology development, combined with ever more marketing and Big Data, is going to get us to a point where people will realise that their attention is capital.

Yes, that’s dense – but think about it for a moment.

Right now, our attention is being usurped and we don’t even notice.

Social media, news outlets, online magazines: they do whatever they can to grab and keep our attention.

And, many of them have no scruples, that’s why these days there’s an industry and field of research called ‘captology’.

The study of computers as persuasive technology.

Or in people-speak: Anything we can invent to make you not leave.

Yes, there are people getting paid to design ways to hook you.

Dopamine-drip addiction.

This is why you’ll see clickbait headlines:

“This teen wrote a letter to Santa, and you’ll be shocked to see what happened next!”

When you click the link, ‘what happened next’ is usually nothing dramatic or even special.

And thus, we get suckered every day.

This trend will continue, and our attention will get stolen more aggressively all the time.

Because once you click, some advertiser makes a few pennies from the ad that loads, and as long as they get enough pageviews, profit gets made.

This is the dark side of advertising and marketing.

It’s manipulation for nothing but gains.

It’s not too far out there to imagine that at some point, people will wake up to it, and take a stand.

Saying: “Yes you can have my attention, but that’s my property. And you’ll only get it if you pay me – either in money or in actual value”.

Personally, I can’t wait.

But here’s the thing.

It’s exactly what I’m already doing, and so should you.

When I write, I know that I’m being given attention, and I’m fully aware that I need to earn that.

So I create this content in order to help, teach, amuse, inspire, or motivate, in whatever mix I feel might be useful to your good self.

I value the attention you give me.

I take it seriously, it’s an honour and I must deliver something good to earn it.

You can do the same thing in your marketing.

When you post articles, or ads, or social media updates or send emails, make it worthwhile for people.

If people pay attention to you, make sure they get what they ‘paid’ for.

Or in the words of Jay Baer: be a Youtility.

That is effective and ethical marketing.

Always has been.

Always has worked, and always will.

And most of the big-commerce guys aren’t even hip to it yet – but now, you are.

Whether you share stories, studio updates, videos or deep thinking, make sure it’s worth people’s time.

And yes, email is still one of the best – if not THE best – ways to do it.

Want to learn how that works?

Check here –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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