About Your Perception and the Things You're Not Aware of

Last night I got on Skype with Jimmy, to get a status update on his efforts last weekend.

There was a street expo in his town, and he hadn’t been in the mood to go stand there amongst the other artists.

“I probably won’t sell anything anyway – they’re all bargain hunters”.

So I told him to go there, but with the express intention to NOT sell any art.

“Instead of taking ten paintings and try to adjust your prices to get some sold – just take three huge and impressive ones. Yes, the 850 Euro paintings”.

“Seriously?”, he asked. “Nobody will buy anything from me!”

“Correct”, I replied. “That’s why it’s such a great idea.”

Don’t I always say we should avoid crowds?

Pretty hard, if you go and stand in line with a bunch of other artists.

But if you’re the only one who sells at those prices…

The only one who has nothing but three  – BIG – paintings…

Guess what?

You’ll stand out like a nail on a dancefloor.

You will, effectively, be away from any crowd, even if you’re standing right in the middle.

“So when someone asks about the paintings, and then about the price…

“They’ll say it’s too expensive, right?”

“Yes exactly”, said Jimmy. “How does that work?”

I told him it’s simple. “You just say: ‘Oh but I’m not here to sell any paintings. I came out to meet people, to have a conversation, to see who is and is not interested in serious art.’”

And that’s what he did. He came home, wrote an email to his list which wasn’t negative nor especially positive. Just… a report.

And then we got on the phone, and guess what?

Turns out that with some stellar adjustment to his perception, the experience was actually extremely good.

– He met previous buyers from years ago, who are still extremely happy with their purchase

– He was approached by two of his list subscribers – I’ll tell you now: that’s never happened to me and I’m jealous. One of them is such a fan, she read back all of his 5 months of daily writing. How cool is that, to meet someone like that in real life?

– He experienced how much fun it can be to talk to people, and how easy, if there’s not that ‘gotta sell something’ attitude

– He completely forced himself out of his comfort zone (tell a lie: it was me who forced him, but small difference) and discovered he really likes it out there.

Now go back a few lines, to the part ‘adjustment to his perception’.

One man wakes up, sees clouds, and says: “Crappy weather today”.

His neigbour wakes up, sees the same thing, and says: “Glad it’s not going to be so stiflingly hot today”.

Same weather, two entirely different kinds of perception.

You can choose for yourself how you perceive things.

That’s what LEAP 3 was about: if you just gobble up the perception that your surroundings and your culture prescribe, you’re going to be unhappy.

If you discover how to work with it though, there’s joy, creativity, opportunities, experiences, happiness, sharing – more goodness than you can imagine.

It’s all up to you.

An occurrence or a situation is nothing but that.

What it means is the meaning you give it.

You do that unconsciously most of the time.

But you can learn how to be aware of the nature of your perception, and the habitual programmes in your way of perceiving things.

Once you get to see that, you can learn how to choose perception for yourself.

I can recommend it. It makes all the difference.

What I also recommend, and what makes a huge difference, is writing emails every day.

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