A Sales Lesson From an Ancient Fisherman + Don't Go Swimming With the Whales

Old Bo pulled his cap down and squinted.

He scanned the water left and right, and then pointed: “Dar, see? Dar’s a shoal of fish under dat dark patch o’er yon.”

He turned the key, and the ancient diesel engine hiccuped itself into motion.

He ruffled his beard, drew from his pipe, and said: “If ye wanna catch a fish, laddy…”

The boy had heard it a hundred times or more and chimed in: “… you gotta go to where the fish are”.

A few minutes later the boat was over the shoal and the fish started to bite.


In business, it’s the same.

If you want to sell something, you need to go there where your buyers are

That’s where you can listen to their problem and fears and doubts.

That’s where you get to talk to them and explain what you do and build trust.

That’s where you get to ask questions about their problems and the solutions they want.

And that’s where they’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to create and offer something that solves their problems.

This listening – really learning people – is something most people skip.

And that’s not only a recipe for business disaster, it’s also incredibly silly.

Because if you meet a person with a problem, and you start listening to them?

Then that person will tell you exactly what their ideal solution would look like, what they’re willing to pay for it, what they expect out of it, what the fears they have about buying, how they want to be talked to,how they do and don’t want to be marketed to…

If you listen long enough? People will tell you EVERYTHING.

So it’s no surprise that Listening – in other words, studying your market intensely – is one of the four main pillars of my LEAP marketing approach.

And, it’s why the first issue coming out in little over a week, is going to focus very heavily on the various ways you can listen to your market.

In issue #1, you’ll find:

– Why using Facebook for ‘market research’ is like fishing for sardines amidst a family of whales – completely ineffective cuz the whales gobble up everything – including you if you’re not careful

– How to identify not just your market and ideal buyer, but how you can instantly assess each individual and determine whether or not this person is indeed right for you, and you for them

– How to decide which places you should spend your time on, and which one to leave bloody well alone (hint: it’s mostly about the fun you’ll have – and no, I don’t recommend Flakebook)

– How to radically dissuade anyone who wouldn’t be right for you from getting in touch so you don’t waste your time with tire-kickers and fence-sitters

– How you can attract people who not only have great respect for your work, but who also want to pay you well (people will actually tell you ‘tell me where I can send you money’ if you do your marketing right)

– How, if you listen closely, you can use people’s very own words when selling to them, which makes the whole process easy and fun

And that’s just a few key points. The full 16 pages will contain much more in terms of hands-on strategies.

And, issue #1 will be about the one thing that makes your business work: THEM.

The other person, the guy or gal whose problem you want to solve.

I’ll show you where to find ‘them’, how to best filter out the noise and listen only to the people who are most likely to buy from you, and how you can use the things you hear to create marketing content that they’ll love and that will make them buy.

16 physical pages delivered on your doorstep, the result of many years of study and experimentation.

Wrapped up nicely in a simple layout but a structure that you can take up and implement in your business right away.

Oh, and, I’ve decided to add on an extra bonus for new subscribers: I’m giving everybody who joins before June 1st, a free 30-minute consultation

For me it’s good because it allows me to get to know the people who want to learn from me.

For you it’s good because you’ll be able to ask me anything you want and it won’t cost you anything extra.

Want in?

Then have a look over there, but bring your wellies and your sou’wester, because you and I are going fishing –> http://www.martinstellar.com/leapfrog-your-business/



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and sell the way nice people do

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