A Handy Lesson From a Successful Artist: The Core Tenet of Marketing Art

The other day I mentioned Dex Valentino – a truly intriguing chap from Huddersfield.

For one thing, he’s trying to blackmail me into writing my novel.

But also, we’ve had some very interesting exchanges about marketing art.

The dude is onto something.

So yesterday, I decided to just give him a call and express my gratitude and appreciation.

Bit of a gamble, since I’d never spoken to him before.

But it was in order to connect, and not sell him anything, so I figured that his phone number in his email signature equalled permission.

Had a great little chat with him.

And I was pretty impressed with his prowess as an artist with a truly professional mindset.

There are several lessons in here, by the way.

First: in marketing, you reach out. Show up. Make contact.


Secondly, you don’t ‘go for the kill’ right away – instead, you start by building a relationship first.

So important.

And in the process of doing that, you deliver value.

For example, by documenting your process of creation.

Or talking about the things that move and inspire you.

Besides, I don’t need to pitch anything at him: he knows I’m in business, have things for sale.

After all, he reads my emails every day, and there’s always a link in it.

But back to the things he’s doing right: here’s a guy who has a full-time job, makes art any time he has a moment, writes…

And, very important: isn’t shy about putting himself out there.

The result of which is that he actually gets his work sold.

So I asked him for an interview, so that you all can learn how a regular guy does it.

Because it’s all very well to see famous and highly successful people with massive audiences pull it off, but I wonder how inspiring that actually is.

If you have a family, a job, don’t know where to start, are starting out trying to sell, seeing a big name do it might actually be more discouraging than encouraging.

So next week, you’ll hear from a normal feller how he does it.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a brilliant statement he gave me, which summarises perfectly the core, ethical, put-into-practice-today concept of marketing:

“Its all about making the world a slightly smaller place, one friend at a time.”


And, here’s the link if you’re ready to invest in your art business and join the LEAP program –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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