A Few Tips on Selling Art From a Successful Artist

One of my readers – a Huddersfield chap by the name of Dex Hannon – has been writing in a few times lately.

I kept getting the impression that he’s got his art sales pretty well figured out, so I asked him if that’s true, and what’s his trick.

Tells me this:




A cohesive, controlled message

Don’t confuse the audience

Don’t be too jokey, be professional (they don’t know me and my humour, leave that till they meet me)

But don’t be too robotic (Be a calmer version of me)

Sell myself, don’t just ‘shrug out’ a message about me or my work into the ‘ether’net cable.

and of course….

Tell them, tell them and tell them again!


Brilliant advice, for artists of all kinds.

I say read it again, and see how you can apply these ‘rules’ to your own marketing efforts.

Another thing he said is working well for him: Entering art competitions, which just this week earned him a first prize in the Artslant contest.

So there you have it: some tricks of the trade that – if you apply them – actually work.

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