A Few Thoughts on Discounts

“She asked me for a quote, and I told her 100.

“Haven’t heard from her since, and I’m wondering…”

Talking with a friend in Zürich, who creates bespoke clothing for women.

I have one of her skirts in my hand, and I’m thinking: this is really high quality work, worth much more than 100 CHF.

She goes on: “Should I contact her, tell her she can have a skirt at a lower price?

“At least that way, I can stay busy tailoring”.

My answer?

She shouldn’t give a discount.

Certainly not after stating a price.

Doing so would give the other person the message that ‘actually you were right, I was asking for too much. In all honesty it isn’t worth that much.’.

And that’s something you don’t want to tell other people.

And it certainly is a message you do not want to give to your own self-esteem.

Besides: 100 Swiss Francs really is not expensive for what she does, especially in a country like Switzerland, where everything is ridiculously expensive. (Loaf of bread: $6-7)

She would “stay busy tailoring, at least”, she says.

True, but it would be tailoring for a person who doesn’t value her work the way they ought to, and if they come back, it’ll be for more discounted work.

I’d say my friend would spend her time much better by searching for other people, the kind who do value her work, and who are willing to pay her prices.

Because I assure you: they exist.

And if you think they don’t, it’s only because you haven’t found them yet.

So what would you prefer: work at rates that don’t pay your bills for people who don’t value your work?

Or would you rather spend that time hunting for people who see the value and pay you for it?

Difficult questions, but then: decisions is what life is made of.

You know what your work is worth, and you deserve the courage to ask and get paid good money.

If someone else doesn’t see it that way, does that mean it should become your problem, and you get to earn less?

Good question, I’d say.

Here’s another question:

Art biz seminar, or no art biz seminar?

Fly to Spain to attend, or simply watch the videos at home?

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