7 Quick Tips to Help You Get More Sales Out of Social Media

A reader writes in with a question about social media – not sure how to make it work for him, and whether or not it’s the way to go.

So here’s what I replied:


Social media is very useful, but there’s a few things to know:

1: ‘Social’ really does mean social.

You can get sales there, but it’s far more common to build relationships first, which then later turn into sales.

A rule of thumb of ‘10% pitch, 90% being a human being’ is a good place to start.

2: Content curation is a grand way to grow your following.

Share the content others create, by selecting the videos/photos/podcast/books/blogposts that are most likely to appeal to your ideal buyer.

3: Manageflitter.com is a very useful service for ‘other people’s audience’ coming over to follow you.

Pick a person whose audience is likely to be interested in you and your art, enter their name, set the correct filters (read up a bit before starting, you
don’t want duds or spammers), and start following those followers.

If you do it right, you can get as much as 90% of the people you follow, follow you back.

That’s what happened to me.

Paula Mould, a client of mine, saw her Twitter following double, and her intstagram following triple, in a matter of days.

Manageflitter has a service where they do the following for you (I think it’s $10 for 2000 actions, processed by humans so as not to violate Twitter’s T&C.

Worth the investment, given you can cancel your subscription any time, and it takes all the tedious clicking off your hands).

4: Further reading: Kim Garst at BoomSocial is a very good twitter teacher, might want to get stuck in on what she offers.

I bought a $10 course off her once, and it was worth it.

5: Amy Porterfield is known as the queen of Facebook, so if that’s your poison, do check her out. Good gal.

6: General learning: SocialMediaExaminer.com They have podcast too, very useful because they bring on very interesting guests.

7: ArtMarketingAction podcast by Alyson Stanfield – Full of very useful tips.


The short of it?

Yes, you can definitely make social media work for you, but think people first.

You build an audience and you build a reputation with them, you get liked.

That will get you trusted, and that gives you the KLT sandwich that gets you sales:

People need to Know you, Like you, and Trust you – before they’ll give you money.

I’ll assume that liking you and trusting you aren’t the biggest problem if sales are short.

But knowing you – as in, knowing you’re there and knowing what you do, that’s something you can fix with social media.

How’s it working for you?





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