5 Tips on How to Do Email Marketing and Do it Right

Some asked: Do people under 35 also read emails?

Heh. Does a teenager want an iPod?

The question was about marketing emails of course, and the answer is a resounding yes.

Everybody reads emails, in every market, for every product, no matter what.

This I solemnly declare, even if I’m wrong, which is statistically nearly impossible but we should never rule out the unlikely.

Anyhow: yes, you can write, send, and get read your emails in any possible market you serve.

Sure there will be demographics where there’s a lower percentage of email engagement vs other channels.

But even so, those people in those groups who do read your emails will love reading them.

Provided you do it right, of course, and here’s a few pointers:

1: Be helpful

You’re asking people to pay you with their attention, so make it worth it. Earn that attention. Being helpful is a great way to do it.

2: Be fun

Most people are bored, or they are stressed and anxious. Give them something fun, entertain them, bring a smile into their day.

3: Be a pitbull
Once you set a rhythm for your emails, stick with it. Grab their attention and don’t let go. Best is once a day, but whatever frequency: be relentless

4: Be authentic, personable
Show some skin. You can mean something to another person, people are looking for others they can relate to. Give them something that they can relate to.

5: Always ‘ask for the sale’
Whenever you communicate with people, when they’re done reading you, give them a ‘what to do next’.

In many cases that’ll be a call to action as in ‘buy something’, but you can just as well ask them to reply to a question, or sign up for a newsletter, or share something on social media – suggest they try a tool, recommend they think about an idea or a strategy…

There’s a psychological mechanism, a very strong one, that gets activated when you are persistent – not just in sending emails, but especially in always giving some sort of call to action.

How that works, and how to use it, that’s what you’ll learn in LEAP #4, which will be all about email marketing done right.

The very tricks that I use, and that I teach my mentorship students – wrapped up nicely in 16 pages of easily digestible, DIY format.

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