5 Things I Learned From 1,5 Years of Sending Daily Emails

They say that altruism is the fastest path to being happy.

I’m no expert – not on altruism nor on being happy.

But I can tell you this: after writing almost 500 posts over the last year and a half, something fundamental has changed.

So here’s a roundup of the 5 most important things I discovered since starting this daily practice.

1: There definitely is some mechanism that makes you happier, if you think of the other before yourself.

Each daily email I write starts not with ‘how can I sell something’, but with, ‘what can I write that might make a difference in someone’s day?’

The effect of doing that each day almost without fail is astoundingly huge.

2: Writing becomes really, really easy if you practice consistently.

Used to be I would blog once in a blue moon.

It was difficult, laborious and accompanied by lots of doubt.

But a few weeks after writing daily that changed, and it became as natural and effortless as having a chat with a buddy. Literally.

These days it takes between 10 and 20 minutes to riff one off at the start of the day.

3: You become an idea machine.

It’s become so very easy to come up with ideas and solutions.

Not that I always have the answer – not for myself nor for clients – but I always have *some* answer, and it usually is the stepping stone for an actual solution.

When you write each day, something happens to your brain – you start to develop a sort of red thread in your mind, where you’re constantly chewing on thoughts, mish-mashing ideas, fermenting notions and concepts and phrases.

Come time to write, or to answer a question, the mind simply dips into that stew and fishes up something useful.

When I used to write songs, back in the middle ages of Martin’s life, the same thing happened.

There was always some refrain, a melody, a chord progression playing through my mind.

The moment I’d pick up my guitar or sit down at the piano, ideas were ready to flow out

4: Daily writing is a fantastic and powerful tool for building relationship, a fanbase, friendships, and sales.

You know who you are – the people who have read me all this time, and who have written back.

I thank you for being with me.

And if you never wrote back: don’t worry, I don’t expect you to.

I just hope you get something out of these dailies.

5: Daily writing – whether for marketing purposes or for yourself – helps you focus. It’s similar to how dreaming cleans up the experiences from daily life and leaves you refreshed.

If you write each day, you let your subconscious sift and filter through thoughts and emotions, and the result is that you’re better able to move through your days with focus and energy.

So to recap: you couldn’t do yourself a bigger favour than to develop a writing habit.

Whether you plan to send it to your list, or it’s just a private journal, I believe it belongs in your life.

And as for being in business, I consider it something that belongs in your marketing toolbox, even if you only send an email once a week.


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