Why you're only selling to half of your customer

I snore. Pretty badly I’ve been told, but personally, I don’t believe it. Nothing ever wakes me up, not even my own snoring.

Usually, my girlfriend pokes me in the back and insists: “No snoring!” upon which my subconsciousness says: “Fuck off” and goes back to sleep. Today though, she told me about a novel way that she discovered to get me to stop keeping her up at night. This is how it works: She will prod me in the back suggestively and persuasively, while saying: “You’re more comfortable this way”. Apparently, this causes me to roll over.

And you know what? It works. I wasn’t a witness, due to my being asleep and all that, but she’s been less grumpy upon waking up and generally treats me better during the days, so I guess she’s been sleeping better, therefore I imagine her tactics work. QED.

What can we learn from this?

1: Do not under any circumstance tell me that: “there will be no snoring”. I might love you to small cuddly bits, but my subconsciousness has a mind of it’s own and it will not stand directives.
2: The subconsciousness is the entity a marketer really wants to be talking to.

Wait, what? You just said that your subconsciousness doesn’t accept directives, right? For real, y’all. No matter how big my ego is, it just so happens that I’m no different from anybody else, and the same goes for everyone. Unless you’re in the army, in which case you should chuck out your subconsciousness and just sign up. Uncle Sam wants you, I’m sure.

It’s not about telling people what to do; it’s about persuasion.

Here’s the scoop: You may be talking to the ears, your words might be heard by the conscious mind, but the real effect happens in the subconscious mind. While you think the reader is weighing the benefits and considering whether or not he can get a good product or service from you, his subconsciousness is in the background, having a party all of its own. It’s discarding things you think matter and should pay attention to, and it’s noticing a whole bunch of stuff that your daily mind seriously can not be bothered to even consider.

If you want to sell stuff, if you have a valuable service to offer, if the world needs what you do, then you need to be talking to the emotional world of the reader. You’ve got to get right in there, making them feel that you have something to offer that they need. Just telling them: “Dude, I have this thing you want and I will explain now why you want it” isn’t going to do it for you.

Talking to the mind only goes that far: the level of the mind. They might like what you say, be enticed by your offer, but only on a rational level, while their gut-feeling may stop them short. If you’re not causing their gut-feelings to tell them they are either

a) missing out
b) going bankrupt
c) being a dork, or hopefully
d) all of the above,

you’re not showing them the sales-copy that you need to sway them into buying from you.

Will this advice do you any good if your product is a scam or a dud? NO. Go read marketing advice with big red caps.

Will it help if you’ve got something real and valuable to offer? Oh hell yes. Think about it. Would you buy something if the sales-pitch makes your gut wrench? I hope not. If it does, move on, and go buy a P.T. Barnum Ford. But if you’re marketing-savvy and you’ve got a serious product, this WILL help you.

It’s all about the hemispheres people. Science has shown over and over again that everything is jolly and flowery if the hemispheres of the brain are attuned to each other. One half thinks, the other half feels, and they need to be happily aligned and dancing in the meadows together if an individual is to find fulfillment and reach the summit of human potential: Buying things that add real value to their existence. Or something like that. I’m not a scientist.

Use that knowledge. Talk to the mind AND the feelings, and see your conversion rates improve.

Better still: let me do the talking for you. I promise: There shall be no more snoring.

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