Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Why You Need a BS-Detector: No Compro La Moto

There’s a saying in Spain, used when someone is spinning a BS-story:

Yo no compro esta moto.

I’m not buying that motorbike.

And while it’s a fun and quirky colloquialism, the actual meaning and purpose are extremely useful.

Because let’s face it: we all tell ourselves stories, and often those stories don’t help us.

You, me, everybody – we all do it.

“I could never do XYZ…”

“People just don’t pay such prices…”

“The world’s changed, those days are over…”

“I could, if only [fill in the blank]”

But those stories, most of the time, simply aren’t true.

“It’s impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes”.

That was considered a truth for centuries.

Until Roger Bannister did it in the 50’s, and suddenly it became something all kinds of people could do.

These days, it’s even a normal thing.

Except if you buy into the story that you can’t, that becomes the truth.

As a coach, one of my jobs is to watch for the stories that people tell themselves, and then call them out on it.

To say: I ain’t buying that motorbike.

For example: a few months ago, a client was working hard to launch a new line of products.

Making progress, but not getting any closer to launch.

Each time, there was another reason why this or that had to happen first.

At some point we were talking about how she needed copyright, before the product line could be launched.

And I said: “I’m not buying it.

“Copyright is good, but if you promote widely enough, you won’t need it.

“Your audience will call out copycats, if you’re the first.

“There’s something else going on here, and I have a strong feeling that once you get your copyright, there will be another reason to delay”.

My client looked at me and said: “Why are you being so negative?”

To which I replied: “That’s not my intention.

“I just need you to see that you’re trapped in a pattern.

“One which keeps you looking for reasons to put the launch off.

“It’s been happening for weeks now.

“And once you see that, and you recognise the pattern, that’s when you’ll really make progress”.

A moment of silence, and then: “Martin, you’re right”.

And from that moment on, progress was made, and the line was launched.

Because I didn’t buy into the story.

If I would buy into the stories people tell me, my clients would really be in trouble.

See, things are never as they appear on the surface.

There’s always more to it, always another side of things, always another option and another possibility.

When researchers put a monkey in a cage with only 4 ways to escape, the monkey found a 5th way (true story).

Don’t fall for appearances, and don’t believe the stories you tell yourself about limitations.

Always ask yourself: What am I missing?

What other options are there?

What if that were not true?

Be agile in your mind, be creative when confronted with limitations or obstacles.

There’s always a way.

And one way, is to work with me one on one.

I’ll help you find the ‘unseen way’ that works for you.

But, I’m not going to buy your motorbike.

Go here to find out more:



Why I Write and Email Every Day (And Sometimes Even Twice a Day)

Sometimes, people try to persuade me that writing less frequently is better.

Once a week, or once or twice a month…

My friend Antonio, for example: just sent me an email in response to yesterday’s Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser emails.

Says it’s a good one, and that if I write once a week, the quality will be better.

Which might be true, but I’m not going to change the frequency, for a number of important reasons.

And those reasons contain an important lesson for you. So here goes.

For one thing, I write these emails as a public service.

I aim to help, inspire, support and ignite a desire for change in you.

The emails, they are here to inspire you into taking smart action.

That’s one thing.

Next, apparently that works:

People (clients as well as non-clients) tell me over and over again that it’s helpful, that they are grateful.

In fact, on days that I sometimes skip mailing, people often write in to ask if I’m alright, and that they missed me.

I’ve even been blessed for doing what I do. Humbling, I tell you.

“I have breakfast with you every day” is another comment I received.

So yeah, to the right person, these emails apparently ought to come in daily.

Another reason is a more selfish one.

And if you’re thinking ‘So that Martin can sell more’, that’s not what I mean.

Writing daily is therapeutic for me.

And as for getting more business: I don’t see that as selfish at all – quite the opposite in fact.

Because I only deserve to earn money if what I do genuinely helps people.

So for me to make a living means someone else is seeing change and results in their life.

My work is help, my reward is making a living. In that order.

And my service to the world is sending free daily coaching emails.

Another reason is that when you’re in business, showing up consistently makes all the difference.

And of course once a week also works as long as you keep the pace and don’t break the chain. Consistency is key, in all things in life.

Take it from an old monk.

As for the quality: yeah, maybe that would improv.

I’d certainly become more careful with tipos.

But, and this here is key:

The more you show up, the more you are top of mind with people.

Which means that when the moment comes to buy, you’ll be the first they think of.

AND: daily emails are a perfect vehicle for helpful marketing.

As you’ve heard in the Masterclass, if you bought it:

Your marketing materials should be so high quality and so helpful, that you could sell it instead of giving it away.

And yes, I’ve had people ask me when I’m going to charge for these emails (don’t worry, I won’t).

Because I want to show you, every single day, what the effect is of consistent helpful marketing.

So that one day, you will hopefully also adopt a consistent practice of putting out high-value, helpful marketing.

Because it works, and that’s a fact.

So: sorry Antonio – your advice is valid, but I’ll have to pass on this one.

Have a stellar weekend, everyone.

I know I will.



How to Talk to Yourself (And Why It Matters)

Let’s play a game, see if you can spot the error in the following statements:

“I have to update my website”.

“I have to pay taxes”.

“I have to get better at marketing”.

“I have to get up early, go to bed on time”.

Did you find the fault?

It’s simple:

If you tell yourself that you ‘have to’ do something, you’re setting yourself up for all manner of undesirable consequences.

Procrastination, frustration, self-sabotage, you name it.

The subconscious simply doesn’t like to be told what to do.

So this kind of self-talk backfires, over and over again.

Luckily, there’s a very easy way to fix it.

Instead of ‘have to’, tell yourself that you ‘get to’.

“I get to update my website, and then I’ll be better positioned for visitors”.

Sounds a lot nicer, right?

Might even turn into something you actually want to do.

“I get to pay taxes, which actually is a nice thing because it means I’ve been earning money”.

“I get to be better at marketing, and then I’ll find more buyers and sell more”.

“I get to go to sleep early, and then I’ll get to wake up with more ease”.

It’s such a simple shift, yet so utterly powerful.

Pay attention to the way you think, and talk to yourself.

And each time you notice you’re telling yourself you must do something, have to do something…

Pause in that moment, and rephrase it.

Tell yourself you get to do xyz.

Do this, and see the benefits for yourself.

Not because you have to, but because you get to.

And if you want to work with a coach who’ll help you change your self-talk on an even deeper level…

… you get to hit reply and tell me.



New! Introducing: The Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser!

Today is the day I release a brand new product. And I’m SO excited!

I’ve worked on this puppy for over 20 years, and I’m so happy to say it’s finally ready for the world.

It’s called the Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser, and if you use it right, it can change your life dramatically.

Make sure you read on, because what I’m about to tell you is going to get better, and better, and better.

First of all, the AOE is absolutely and 100% free.

How’s that for good?

Just add water, it makes its own sauce.

It really does, as you’ll see.

It picks up the kids from school too, and that’s no hyperbole.

In other words, all you need to do is use this tool, and it’ll work all by itself.

But if making sauce and picking up the kids is all you use it for, you’re leaving money on the table.

Because the AOE is the single most powerful tool in the world, in all of history.

It can do SO much more for you.

It can build, create, achieve, and make anything a human being could possibly accomplish.

It’s that powerful, it really is.

What’s more, the AOE is portable.

Once you have one, it will be with you always, anywhere you go – and not even the TSA will find it.

But you’ll be carrying it with you nonetheless, and using it too.

Next, the AOE is a perfect tool to help you find opportunities of any kind – be it improving your relationship, or building more sales, or getting fit, or – well, tell me your desire and the AOE will help you manifest it.

Again, not a single word of hyperbole here.

The AOE is universally applicable to any problem.

It auto-updates, constantly.

Furthermore, the Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser enables you to act on opportunities, leads, self-development, growth and personal evolution.

I kid you not, and lie not a word: whatever you want, the AOE will help you get it.

Cross my heart.

With all that said though, the AOE – while capable of radically transforming your life – can also wreak havoc, and destroy everything you hold dear… IF you don’t use it right.

You do need to use it correctly.

And you’ll need to keep it in good shape, maintain it well.

Because as powerfully positive as it is, it’s equally devastating in the wrong hands, or when used carelessly.

So take good care of it, and use it well.

And here’s the best thing about the AOE:

You already have one.

You really do, and I wonder if you’re using it well.

Because most people, they don’t put their AOE to good use.

I hope you’re not like them.

So what is it?

What is this magical tool?

It’s so simple, so beautiful, so powerful and all-round handy…

The Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser is…


YOU are The Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser.

(Didn’t I tell you it makes its own sauce and picks up the kids from school?)

So you see, there’s no purchase to be made today.

You already have the best tool in the world, to make the most out of the opportunities in your life.

So use it, and use it well.

Wait, what’s that you say?

You lost the instruction manual?

No problem!

Hire me as your coach, and I’ll show you how to use it, the way it was intended to be used.



Grinch Stole My Tuesday (So This Is Your Very Last Chance)

You know how sometimes halfway through the week, an entire day has disappeared?

Happened to me yesterday, when I wrote my daily email.

Thinking Wednesday was two days off – and this morning I awake:

Hello Wednesday.

Which means I didn’t get to tell you all the ins and outs of the masterclass, before the price goes up.

So I’ll extend the deadline one more day: Tomorrow, it’s $99 instead of $49.

Making this your last chance to get 2,5 hours of hard-teaching on marketing and building a prosperous business.

My 20 years of study and experience in psychology, communication and business, all compressed into 2,5 hours.

AND: I’ll give you a completely free strategy session on skype – but I’ve limited availability. So you might want to grab your seat before they run out.

And this is a comment I received from an artist in Japan about the masterclass:

“Final word: Many thanks for the video seminar, really enjoyed it and got a lot from it.
~ Gareth Naylor, Watercolour artist,”

This is what you’ll find inside, all 9 modules and the full content outline:

*** Too long, didn’t read: go here to get a free 20-minute sample and checkout details: ***

Module 1: The importance, ethics and fundaments of marketing
* Why art must get sold

* Why marketing is not unethical if you do it right

* The mechanics of marketing and sales: People must know you, like you, and trust you before they’ll decide to buy

* Relationships and conversations: a sale always happens inside a conversation

* Content marketing: Promotion and marketing with intrinsic value (“I’d pay for that”)

* Why marketing is like dating

* Don’t try to sell: facilitate buying instead

* A short word on resonance

Module 2: Making marketing fun and easy: The L.E.A.P. Art Marketing System Explained (Listen, Explain, Ask, Profit)

* Start with fun: choosing methods and channels you know you’ll enjoy

* The right attitude when learning: ‘Ok, so how…’ vs ‘Yes, but…’

* Where and how to Listen

* What to Explain, and how

* What to Ask, when, and how

* How to make sure you Prosper

* The emancipated artist: Agency and independence vs gatekeepers and permission-givers

* The importance and ethics of running a profitable creative business

Module 3: A healthy business: audience, sales funnels, and building a list

* It begins by creating a strategy, the tactics come later

* Testing and becoming antifragile

* Building a list: skip this, and you’re going nowhere fast

* What a sales funnel is: concentric circles of proximity

* Showing up to OPA (Other People’s Audience)

* How to bring people from one circle to the next and get them closer to buying from you

* Who are you for? Being extremely specific about your ideal customer

Module 4: Staying sane: habits, routines, and studio time vs business work

* Like it or not, you are a business owner and must behave like one

* Creation time and business work: plan time to work ON your business as well as IN your business

* The massive power and creative freedom that comes with building habits

* The 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) and making tough choices

* Progress vs results: incremental growth and habit stacking

* Measurement, milestones and achievements

* Planning and fluent adaptation

Module 5: Your mindset and the hero’s journey

* Why people buy the artist as well as the art

* A look inside your kitchen: showing your work but also your process

* How you too have a hero’s journey, even if you’re just a regular person

* Thinking about how you think: GiGo (from the programming world: garbage in, garbage out)

* The magic aura of ‘the artist’

* Inviting people along for the ride

* Building relationships, a fanbase, and brand ambassadors, by being yourself

Modue 6: The importance of writing or other kinds of content creation

* The ‘yes-ladder’

* Reciprocity

* The importance of knowing which problem you solve for people

* Jay Bear: become a Youtility

* Practice writing to become better at email communications

* Neurochemistry, resonance and the brain

* Self-confidence vs arrogance

* Resonance and trust

Module 7: Beliefs, perception, opportunities and creating luck

* Building self-confidence one step at a time

* ‘Act as if’ instead of ‘fake it till you make it’

* The total illusion of the reality we see

* Facebook and Google: The content bubble – engineered perception bias

* Everything is propaganda and why you must work with that instead of ignoring it

Module 8: Strategy vs tactics

* Planning, strategy, measurement and progress

* Optin incentives for building an email list

* Asking for the sale

* How to use social media effectively

* Optimising your website for conversions

* Pricing strategies: Robert Gen’s ten commandments of art pricing

* Oxytocyn and resonance

* Content curation as a strategy for growing a social media presence and following

* Social osmosis: show me your friends and I’ll show you your future

* Email marketing

Module 9: Putting it all together: how to quickly build a plan, test it, and keep improving it over time

* Identify your core strength and develop a primary offer around it

* Identify the kind of customer who needs it most

* Research: where do they congregate so that you can show up for them?

* Listen to their needs and take note of the words they use

* Explain how you can solve their problem with your creative work by using the same words they use

* Ask them to reply, to sign up for your list, ask them if they want to buy

* Prosper: Creating offers, packages and prices that allow you to grow your business

Is it a lot?

Yes it sure is.

And there’s more:

Remember that if you advantage of this offer before 9AM Europe time/ Midnight PST, it’ll only be $49, AND you might get a free strategy session.

So now’s your chance…

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Only Two More Sleeps | Scary Question | But Maybe I Can Help

Let me see if I can get you thinking…

Maybe even face down one of your demons…

And maybe I can help…

Here goes:

What are you afraid of?

What would you like to do, but it’s too big and just too damn scary?

What – beyond the fear – is keeping you from doing it?

What would your life be like if you actually did it?


Are you afraid of?

I’m asking this for two reasons:

First, I genuinely want to know, so reply and tell me.

Second, because very often, fear is a consequence of insufficient skills and/or knowledge.

After all, if you don’t know what to do, you won’t know what to expect.

And that means the possible outcome might scare you.

Especially if there’s the risk of failure, which is more likely to happen if you don’t know what to do.

This is why my 2,5 hour marketing masterclass is going to do you so much good.

You’ll learn SO much.

About marketing, pricing, communication, how to tell your story without being self-absorbed…

About galleries and social media and email marketing…

This masterclass truly is a crash course in building a sustainable, healthy business.

And I wish it upon you.

I’m not going to say you need it, but I’m pretty sure you’ll thank yourself for getting access.

Especially since the price goes up to $99 this Wednesday… that’s only two more sleeps.

So… want to get smart?

Learn what to do, what to say, and how?

Then your access link is below.

Because if there’s one thing true in life, it’s that fear shouldn’t stop us, but be a motivator instead.

And that is why if you get the videos before Wednesday, I’ll help you deal with the fear.

As a bonus, I’ll give you a coaching session, completely free of charge.

But, this offer is only valid until Wednesday.

I ‘I just don’t know what to do or how’ is the source of your fear, this here link is the cure:



What is it that you sell?

A friend asked me the other day, what exactly it is that I sell.

This is a powerful question to ask yourself, so it’s worth your time to stop and think about it.

It comes down to features vs benefits, but it goes deeper than just that.

In case you’re not familiar with this type of thinking:

Features is what a product or service is, and benefits are the results that come from buying.

Features is ‘100% natural Amazonian latex mattress’ and benefits is ‘The best night’s sleep you’ve ever had’.

Or put differently: People don’t buy 8mm drill bits, they buy 8mm holes.

But that’s only surface level benefits.

What’s beneath that is more powerful, more personal, and far more important.

And this applies no matter what the product or service is.

Here are some examples:

Tesla don’t sell electric cars – they sell ‘belonging to a vanguard community’.

Tony Robbins doesn’t sell seminars – he sells ‘you’ll walk away brand new’.

J.K. Rowling doesn’t sell books about wizards – she sells an immersive experience and ‘belonging to a group of passionate fans’.

In all these cases, what is really being sold is about identity.

Whatever someone buys, whether it’s a service or an artwork or an education, the final purchase has to do with the identity of the buyer.

‘I’m the kind of person who values xyz for reasons abc’.

I have a pair of Greve shoes, handmade in Holland.

Frightfully expensive, and they last for ages.

But I didn’t buy handmade shoes.

I bought in to ‘taking care of my feet, my back and my gait, while being well-shod’.

So with that… what is it that you sell?

What is the identity-piece that your buyers purchase?

Get clear on that, and you’ll find that your marketing gets easier.

It’s the one thing that really speaks to people: their identity.

Like when I sign up for yoga classes.

I don’t buy stretches and perspiration: I buy taking real good care of myself.

Compare it to a simple habit that I have:

The first thing I do each morning is make the bed.

Because ‘I’m the kind of person who does that’.

Simple, but very powerful. It starts my day with an action that states something about my identity.

And that identity, the ‘who you are and what are your values’ is irresistible to your buyers, once you communicate that to them.

As for me, do I sell coaching or education?

Nope, those are just the features.

What I really sell is ‘your potential manifested, by way of your desire for change and growth’.

So what is it that you sell?

What about your work defines your buyer’s identity?

Meanwhile, if you want to change and grow, and learn too, my masterclass is available for you right here:



Row Slow to Go Fast

Most people move too fast.

Never having time to take care of business.

Always working IN their business, and not enough time to work ON their business.

I can tell you from experience that this doesn’t work.

Someone told me that you need to ‘row slow to go fast’.

I looked that up, and it’s interesting: for a team of rowers to really kick up speed, their movements need to be measured, timed, synchronised.

On the pull movement, they need to exert force.

But on the way back, before the next pull, they need to be slow and controlled.

That’s how you go fast.

In other words:

Slow down to go fast.

Which is what I did, a few years ago.

I had spent a year in a particularly bad relationship, and it had affected me on various levels, including my work.

So I decided to go into a retreat, to go back to being a recluse for a while.

And so I spent an entire year at home, only going out to get groceries.

Working, studying, meditating.

Not seeing friends, not going for drinks or to parties.

Just being by myself.

I slowed down, almost to a standstill.

And it was a wonderful year, one of the happiest of my life.

At the end of it, I stepped back into the world transformed.

Simply because I had decided to slow down.

For you, the same thing might be in order.

Are you too busy, running around too much?

Tired and stressed and not seeing enough result from your efforts?

Always playing catch-up, fighting fires, running around like a headless chicken?

Then slow down.

You miss too much when you go too fast.

Over the years, I’ve had the best insights come to me while 100% still, in meditation.

You yourself may have had dreams (life doesn’t get any slower than when we sleep) that brought you insights or ideas or realisations.

That time when you spent an afternoon with a friend or your spouse, lazing away some time… and things suddenly really crystallised…

That’s the kind of thing that happens when you slow down.

Slow down in order to take time to learn.

Slow down, and set up systems that save you time the moment they are ready.

Slow down, and give your mind the time to answer the question: what’s the most useful and important thing to focus on now?

Slow down to discover what you’re missing.

Slow down, and discover the one thing that would make the biggest difference.

It might seem scary – eeek! I’m not doing actual work!

But slowing down IS work.

Just that, it’s not tiresome busywork.

Instead, it’s the work of tapping into your deepest, most intelligent, most creative self.

And it pays off.

Need help in figuring out what to do, what to focus on?

Then slow down, and get my marketing masterclass videos before the price goes up next week.

Access here:


Slow-loris Martin

Coming Soon: Death to Procrastination | Limited time offer

Got some amazing feedback on that procrastination series I published a few weeks ago.

So it got me thinking:

I should turn that into a mini-course, and include actionable strategies that you can implement.

Because procrastination is a hideous beast, and it ought to be slaughtered.

And sure, it’s part of the human condition, but another part of being human is our innate ability to evolve and to overcome limitations.

And overcoming limitations is what I’m all about.

So hopefully next week, I’ll have that mini-course ready for you, all updated and with resources, ready for you to overcome procrastination.


You may have gotten so much out of it, that you’re already getting over it.

You’re taking action, facing down demons, getting things done.

And hey, the needle is moving!

Well done you, I’m impressed. You’re cool.

And what have you done with your hair? It looks so silky and alive.

But in the midst of all that activity, you feel that there are parts missing.

That you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, and whether or not you’re focusing your actions on the right things.

It seems like there’s a bigger picture overview missing.

You’re not sure if you’re getting the right message out there, to the right people, in the right way.

Sounds like you?

Then I have a solution for you.

It’s my marketing masterclass, which was filmed in February.

And from what people tell me, it’s GOOD.

In fact, one client told me that they had doubled their income after putting the tips and advice into practice.

Which isn’t something I can guarantee for you, but I’m pretty sure that a) if you take action, and b) you implement what I teach, your income will go up.

Now here’s the thing:

At the moment, this masterclass goes for $50, but that will only last until Wednesday, October 12.

After that, the price goes up to $99.

In other words, this is your chance to get 2,5 hours of hardcore marketing education, at a very low price.

Do please note: on the page it says ‘art marketing masterclass’ because I was delivering the seminar in a gallery, to artists, but:

Make no mistake.

The advice and strategies can easily be translated to any creative enterprise you might be building or running.


Do you take action?

And you want to learn where and how and on what to take action?

At a low price, before it goes up?

Then go ye here, and avail of the offer before it expires:



What Are You Missing?

When I say that you already have all the answers, it’s not some fluffy airy-fairy hooey.

It’s serious psychology, and it’s about a part of your consciousness that your everyday awareness can’t reach.

Or can it?

Depends on what you do to try and access it.

More specifically, it depends on which questions you ask.

Which goes back to one of the most powerful methods for creating change and growth and prosperity:

Asking yourself questions, instead of staying stuck in particular patterns of self-talk.

So, you might have a problem that needs solving.

Many people will tell themselves (or others) “I need to do something about this, but I don’t know what”.

When your subconscious hears that, nothing will come out of it.

Because your subconscious is triggered – or not triggered – by the things you tell it.

It hears “No solution available” and it reacts with a “Well, nothing to do about it then”.

And thus, you don’t get to access the knowledge and wisdom that’s inside of you.

But if you ask “What can I do to solve that problem?” it reacts by going on a search for different options and solutions.

Reacting to your thoughts is what your subconscious is made for, so asking the right questions is key to creating change.

Like yesterday, when I coached someone who has a history of not letting money into her life.

She’s working on a huge and beautiful ambitious project, which could make her good money in the process.

But “I have a history of keeping money out”.

Not a good story to tell yourself, is it?

So on a whim, I asked:

“With this project, as it grows… what are you going to do to keep the money out?”

And bam: the doors flew open, and she instantly saw how it’s her own choices, thoughts, and attitudes that directly determine whether or not she earns well.

She saw the big picture, and more importantly: she saw how easy it is to change the choices and thoughts and attitudes.

That’s what coaching is for: to ask you exactly those questions that trigger awareness, insights, and access to your innate inner wisdom.

It’s a beautiful process, because it creates freedom and lasting change.

Freedom from self-imposed glass ceilings, and change into the person you know you ought to be.

Another, REALLY powerful question, that you can ask yourself?

This one:

What am I missing?

Make that one your mantra, because you won’t believe how that can crack your perception and insight wide open.

What have you not considered, what have you forgotten, what’s out of sight but in reach…

What are you missing?

Really, what are you missing?

Of course it gets even more interesting when your coach asks you the right kind of questions, depending on where you’re at.

So if you want me to ask them, and help you help yourself and help you access your inner knowledge, let’s talk.

The link below goes to a few questions to get started.

Once I receive the answers, we’ll set up a time to talk.

And you’ll get all the right questions…

Start here:



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