Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

I help nice people sell more

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New! FOMO! It slices, it dices, it picks your kids up from school, your shirts will never be whiter!

Here’s one of the reasons so many entrepreneurs fail to make the progress they deserve:

FOMO: The fear of missing out.

I suppose it’s partially a normal human condition, but a VERY large part of the blame goes to the advertising industry.

All those gurus, coaches, teachers, emailing and blogging and facebooking with yet another course, training, or program.

And they all tell you:

You need this, without it you’re going nowhere fast.

Act now!

TV ads are just the same: engineered to convince us that our lives just won’t be complete without this widget or that powertool or brand of beer.

Pushing your buttons has become a science in itself, and the industry is really good at it.

Back when people didn’t yet brush their teeth, some advertising executive came up with a clever idea:

“Run your tongue over your teeth – do you feel that smooth film?

“That’s plaque! Brush your teeth with our toothpaste, and they’ll last much longer!”

When in reality, that film is a normal consequence of the enzymes in saliva, and actually helps protect your teeth.

But it worked: toothpaste sales went through the roof, and fast too.


A couple of advertising geniuses found a way to have the public perceive it as a ‘medical condition’ with a ‘cure’, and Listerine became a HUGE brand of

Soon, we’ll have a century of scientific advertising behind our teeth (ha!)

And all of us get exposed daily to messages that tell us that without this book we won’t be a success, and without that detergent our shirts won’t be
white enough.

In other words: the entire advertising industry plays to one key psychological fact:

Nobody wants to miss out, and therefore many of us stay stuck in non-action because we first need to read or learn or practice something.

When in reality, if you were to tune out all ads and ignore all the ‘you NEED this’ messaging, and really look at what you need, the answer would
probably be:

You need to get out more, do more, take action, have more conversations.

But all the marketing tells us: ‘Sure, but this first’.

Fear of missing out.


Don’t fall for it.

If you look back at everything you’ve learned and tested and experienced, you very very likely have everything you need to spring into action.

Yes, learning is always good and honing chops is necessary.

And a lot of the online teaching is for real, useful and worth its money.

But don’t let that stop you from taking action, some sort of action…


Which action?

What’s the best thing you can do to start building business success around your art?

How, in fact, do you sell more art?

Have more conversations, whether online or offline.

A sale always happens inside a conversation.

Every potential buyer has a conversation going on inside their head.

It’s up to you to communicate with people and join that inner conversation.

THAT is how you sell art.

So, you ready?

Get set…


Now, Martin has talked himself into a corner.

Because if I say that you can get started without buying or learning more, how can I end with pointing you at my services?

Certainly not by saying that the universe will end or your business will flounder if you don’t work with me.

If either of those things happen, it’s definitely not because you didn’t get me on your team.

That’s the whole point: buying something has to be, always, something that you want, with your own decision, for your own reasons.

Not because someone who gets marketing manipulates you into thinking that you need something when that thing is in fact optional.

That wouldn’t be ethical.

So that link, pointing at where you can hire me?

That’s optional, just in case you want to.

Conversations: have more of them.

Email marketing works a charm, and if you have drive, know how to write, and are willing to be consistent with it, then you can do it on your own,

Oh I don’t know…


Otherwise, if you do want me to train you, then you can go here, and, IF you want, get my mentorship –>



I help nice people sell more

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