Systems Broke Down – Here Are Your Event Details + Registration Closes Soon

Apparently there was something wrong with my settings: the confirmation email with the details for today’s live seminar didn’t get sent.

So if any of you have registered for the event in Competa and you’ve not received the email, please take note:

Time: 3 PM to 6.30PM today.

Address: Galeria Luz de La Vida – Calle Laberinto 15, Competa

And if you don’t live in Spain, you can still own the entire 3-hour masterclass, by way of downloadable videos.

But, that’s only available at the current, no-brainer low price of $25 for a limited time.

I’m extending the deadline till tomorrow (Sunday 7) because tonight I want to send you a little teaser video of the masterclass.

But after that, I’m taking this offer down, and the price will go up considerably.

After all, $25 for three hours of in-the-trenches art marketing advice is, you’ll agree, way too cheap.

So go here before it’s too late –>



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