The One Word That Will Kill Your Sales and an Easy Tip to Fix the Problem

That word is ‘I’

When on your site, on the phone or in your emails you talk about yourself a lot, your visitors will get the wrong impression.

You can’t always completely avoid it (though it’s a fantastically useful exercise to rewrite one of your pages and remove each instance of ‘I’)

That doesn’t always lead to readable copy, but you get the idea.

Point is, even if you talk *about* yourself, you should make sure you talk *at* the reader.

Meaning, speak to their painpoints.

Make sure they know that you understand them.

Feel their pain.

If you’re in business, and you’re ethical – meaning you do things because you sove problems for people, then it isn’t about you.

This is why the marketing genius Jay Baer wrote a book called ‘Youtility’.

Brilliant find, that word. I’ve not read it but I listened to some of his interviews, and he’s got everything right, in my book.

That one word says it all: it states that business should be ethical, that it’s not about you, and that you should be useful to people.

You can even apply that to your marketing, the way I do in these emails: People get a lot out of them.

It’s what’s called ‘helpful marketing’ in which the materials themselves help solve a problem to some degree.

For me (ha!) these things are a given, but then that’s because I used to be a monk.

Being of service – serving – was the thought I woke up with and went to bed with each day.

Still is.

Which is why I go all out when working with people.

You hire me for mentoring, or sign up for my newsletter?

Then I’ll do whatever is in my power and within reason to hep you succeed.

See? Even if this paragraph talks about your own little Stellar, it still only has a right to be written if the point and purpose is to help you get ahead.

So have a look at your site, see how much of your copy talks about yourself-but-not-for-them.

Then remove as many instances of ‘I’ and ‘me’ as you can, and rewrite to speak the reader.

See what you end up with.

Big improvements, very probably.

Or, if you find that taxing, you hire me to do it.

After all, copywriting was my shtick for quite a few years.

And if you’re on my list, you get a $51 discount too.

Details and booking right there –>



P.s. I’ll be really busy this week because tomorrow I fly to Dublin to sell paintings with Jimmy Kelly, so if you want to be first in line once I’m back on the 10th – best not dally.

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