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Coming soon: Mark McGuinnes of Creative Path Finder, Leanne Regalla of Make Creativity Pay, Amy Harrison of about Copywriting for creative entrepreneurs, Jake Nawrocki of Self Reset Podcast – and many more!


Episode 3: Luke Avedon on how to get massive publicity without spending a dime


Luke AvedonWe all want to have people show up when we exhibit, we would love to be in the news or have journalists interview us.

But sometimes it seems like that’s only for famous people, or people with utterly amazing stories.

If that’s what you think, you’re making a mistake, and you’re leaving money on the table.

It can be really easy to receive free publicity, so long as you know how to go about it.

And that’s exactly what you’ll hear in this interview:

  • Why persistence matters: Luke just kept trying until he made something work, and he discovered that publicity was the thing that got people take him seriously.
  • Luke will also explain why interviews are much more effective than advertising, because they get you attention and authority.
  • Not only that: publicity also gives you the halo effect: it’s like an implicit endorsement
  • Not that it’s a replacement for marketing, but it’s one of the big overlooked opportunities and you’d do well to make use of it

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Episode 2: Ana Hoffman of on how to drive oodles of targeted traffic to your website

Ana doesn’t specialise in working with artists, but she’s definitely an expert in attracting visitors to your website, and getting them to convert from visitor to subscriber to buyer.

In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • Why Twitter isn’t necessarily the best choice for artists: people don’t necessarily go to Twitter to look for visual ideas. Ana thinks Pinterest and Instagram have much more potential – and don’t forget Youtube!
  • A whole bunch of free resources for you on Ana’s site – check the links at the bottom of this page
  • Why you’d do well to focus on networks that maximise your time, in other words: go where your audience is most likely to hang out
  • Why and how to create interest, so that people come back to your site. In other words: bridging the gap between ‘Oh this is nice’ and ‘hey I’ll have that, here’s money’
  • Tips on how to make your site layout work for you, and encourage people to buy.

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Episode 1: Johnny B. Truant of the on how artists can use writing for their marketing and sales, and why they should


JohnnybtruantI’ve known Johnny for a few years now – he’s the guy I hired for consulting back when he still offered that service, and I needed advice on how to advance my business. He’s earned his stripes as a creative entrepreneur, because he no longer does consulting, but he DOES make a living writing and selling fiction.

In this one, you’ll hear:

  • Why Johnny thinks writing – or some sort of content creation – is essential for artists
  • The reason people need to know about you and not just your art
  • Why a little bit of egocentricity is unavoidable for artists, and why that’s not a bad thing at all
  • Why talking about yourself is simply an extension of your art and your belief that it should be out there in the world (you do believe that, don’t you, artist?)
  • Why you can talk about what you do – and what Johnny observed about how interesting that is to people.
  • Why art is in a way like telepathy, and you can’t control the message people receive. BUT you can control the context of the message (You paint a picture with words but they perceive it through their own lense

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Episode zero: Owen Garratt (aka the Pencilneck) on how to show up with your art in front of exactly the right audience

Owen Garratt

  • Why Owen is proof that can’t ever let up on your promotion efforts – but if you keep it up, you can earn well – or even very well indeed.
  • Owen’s tried and tested, systematic approach for showing up in front of the right people over and over again
  • Why you must keep being active and stay ahead of the changes
  • Why for some artists the actual art making is less than 10% of being in business as an artist, and why that’s ok because:
  • Artists need to understand that the marketing is every bit as creative as making art

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