About Martin

"I help nice people sell more"

Coach & consultant for ethical sales & business growth. 

I work with coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to create positive, lasting impact for society and the world, while they build a thriving business.

Prolific writer. Illustrator. Marketing educator. Teacher of sales magic. Singer. Ex-monk. Psychology fanatic.

Helps people fall in love with selling.

I’ve had a pretty unusual sort of life so far and it doesn’t seem to be getting any more regular. I like that.

After spending 12 years in a monastery I went back into the world and found it to be much more fun than I remembered.

I ran a fancy-pants bespoke tailoring company for a few years, which didn’t work as well as it should have – mostly because the process of tailoring is a very offline kind of business, and I had stubbornly chosen to live in the smallest village I could find on the southern coast of Spain. Dumb? Maybe. Taught me a lot though.

While running that company I studied like crazy – marketing, psychology, startups, leadership, sales – you name it. (I’m a word-aholic so I read ALL THE WORDS).

At some point I had to choose: either I move to Madrid or Barcelona, or do something else, location-independent.

Since city life isn’t for me, I decided to put my years of marketing study and my well-trained writing hand to good use.

That turned into a small copywriting agency, but these days I coach, consult and train ambitious, driven entrepreneurs on how to enroll buyers, without having to sacrifice your values to commerce.

It’s perfectly possible to be ethical, in full integrity, and to generate more revenue and more impact at the same time. In fact, I believe that the more entrepreneurs thrive, the better it is for society. So long as we’re talking about ethical people, and something tells me that might be you, reading this. (hi!)

In a way it’s perhaps odd that a monk would end up a copywriter, and then a sales coach. Then again, it was in the monastery that I was trained every day in communication, psychology and persuasion (I ran teams of volunteers, so you can imagine the kind of training I had – it’s like herding cats!).

Marrying psychology, persuasion and a decade+ in business enables me to live the life I want in a small town on the Spanish coast, while helping people with a big ambition to earn a good living and make the impact they’re in business for in the first place.

If you would like to explore how coaching could help you play at a higher level, then let’s talk.

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