Business mindset coach for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

Prolific writer. Illustrator. Marketing educator. Teacher of sales magic. Singer. Ex-monk. Psychology fanatic.

And, yes: Reality Calibrator. Which means: I practice, and teach, martial arts for the mind.

I’ve had a pretty unusual sort of life so far and it doesn’t seem to be getting any more regular. I like that.

After spending 12 years in a monastery I went back into the world and found it to be much more fun than I remembered.

I ran a fancy tailoring company for a few years which didn’t work as well as it should have, mostly because the process of tailoring is a very offline kind of business, and I had stubbornly chosen to live in the smallest village I could find on the southern coast of Spain. Dumb? Maybe. Taught me a lot though.

While running that company I studied marketing like crazy (I’m a wordaholic so I read EVERYTHING).

At some point I had to choose: either I move to Madrid or Barcelona, or do something else, location-independent.

City life isn’t for me, so I decided to put my years of marketing study and my well-trained writing hand to good use.

That turned into my Single Malt Copy copywriting agency, but these days I coach ambitious, driven entrepreneurs on how to get their work out there, by working on the ‘in-here’. As in: mindset, ambitions and dreams, and the things that in our heart of heart you want most.

In a way it’s perhaps odd that a monk would end up a copywriter, marketing consultant and business coach. Then again, it was in the monastery that I was trained every day in communication and psychology. It was also there that writing became second nature to me.

Marrying psychology, writing, persuasion and my business experience together was a good choice.

It enables me to live the life I want in a small town on the Spanish coast, while helping people with a big ambition to earn a good living and build their biggest, boldest dreams.

If you would like to explore how coaching could help you play at a higher level, then let’s talk.

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