Meditation, Coaching, and the Taste of Strawberries (Offer Ends Tomorrow)

Two questions, about two very different things – but with exactly the same answer.

The first, when I had just asked my abbot what meditation is like, before I got started.

His answer:

“Tell me what a strawberry tastes like”.

I sat and thought, and then I tried to tell him:

“Well it’s sweet, and kind of tart too… it has little seeds in and the flesh is…”

I stopped, well aware that there’s no possible way to describe the taste of a strawberry.

If you want to know, you have to try one.

Same thing when people ask me what coaching is like, and how I work.

Sure I can say: “I ask deep questions, to eek out the deep answers and insights you already have”.

But does that describe the experience?

Not even close.

Of course I can say: “Well, as an example: there’s a client who thought she was an introvert, but she shed that skin and discovered she had always been an extrovert”.

But that’s just a description, an example that may not apply to you.

In other words: it’s impossible to describe what coaching is like or what it can do for you.

So the answer to both questions, and the only way to discover what strawberries or coaching *really* are like?

You gotta try it.

It’s the only way to find out.

Which is why, until midnight tomorrow, I’ll give you – at zero cost – a coaching session.

Just you and me, a listening ear, and a couple of very specific questions.

We’ll look at your vision and mission: what do you want and what’s your big ambition?

Your strategy: how will you go from ‘here&now’ to where you want to be?

Your mindset: how do you hold yourself back, which views and beliefs limit you?

Your skillset: what do you need to learn in order to reach your goals?

Your energy management: which people and places and habits give you – or take – energy, and how to optimise that?

We’ll take an hour, or two if need be, to really dive deep.

And this comes at no cost at all, but there’s one requirement:

Tell me your big dream, your greatest ambition… the end game goal so big, you hardly dare believe it.

Do that, and I’ll coach you.

No sales pitch, just a large bowl of strawberries.

I mean, coaching.

Want to play?

Start by answering the questions here:



P.s. Remember this offer ends tomorrow night, so best take advantage while you can…

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