Unavoidable Entropy? Here’s the Antidote to Chaos in Life

In the world of science, there’s a notion that everything ultimately reverts to entropy.

Meaning: everything that’s ordered will at some point turn into increasing disorder, until there’s only chaos left. I’m not a scientist, but if I understand correctly, the idea is that ultimately the universe itself will be nothing more than a chaotic uniform distribution of molecules. Correct me if I’m wrong (but only if you’re an actual scientist ;)

Anyway, whether you’re into science or not: you too know that things in life always tend towards chaos.

Your todo list grows to the point of caving in on itself.

Your attic fills until the roof lifts and the floor sags.

Relationships dilute until you’re rarely in touch any longer (hello, old friends whom I know are reading this).

Plans well laid-out get disrupted the moment you start to implement them (as in: no strategy survives first contact with reality).

And your carefully planned schedule for the day? That’s the one that gets blown to smithereens the moment you check your inbox and see something urgent&important has shown up.

Any of this sound familiar?

Entropy, a state of chaos in life, seems unavoidable.

Like George Braessens sang: “Le vent qui vient à travers la montagne me rendra fou.” (The wind blowing down the mountain will drive me crazy).

Put differently: Any influence borne long enough, will have an effect.

Water is soft, but a couple of billions of drops will eventually cut through granite rock.

So are we then relegated to seeing our lives gradually disintegrate into chaos, just like a planet has no choice but to eventually dissolve and a sun can’t do anything but explode at some point?

Nope, not at all. Humans are different.

You and I, we have agency. We can control things, move things around.

Groups of molecules from here to there (hello, car).

Ideas into the minds of other people (see what I’m doing here?)

And most importantly: we can move our own understanding, thought, and insight.

And that right there, the ability to influence the way our minds work, is the antidote to entropy in your life.

Having insight into – and some control over – how we handle our minds, is the secret to keeping things in order, and avoiding chaos and confusion.

In that sense, you’re an agent of order.

Question is, do you want to take control?

Or would you rather do what most people do, which is to turn a blind eye to the actual agency, power and control you *could* have…?



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