The Case for Designing Ergology

When you walk into my house, you notice something. Almost everybody does.

And it’s not the spacious layout or the views of the mountain and the sea (though they’re hard to miss).

It’s because I’m a total sucker for design. But not just the way a tool or phone or computer is designed.

I’m talking about a wholistic, global concept of design.

Because in the end, everything is the result of some kind of design – from governments, to cities, to societies, to the sofa you sit on and the Parker Jotter pen that’s gone unchanged for decades.

It’s a common notion that ‘everything is marketing and marketing is everything’, but we often overlook that everything is design, and design is everything.

And that’s what you notice in my home: everything here is designed to be just so.

I’ve turned this house into a perfectly tuned context for calm, well-being, connecting with people, and for working in the most focused way I have in me.

And you can’t avoid noticing that there’s ‘something’ here.

Obvious, because I’ve spent years perfecting the design of the perfect optimal environment for Martin’s life&work.

I’m telling you because the context and ecology of your spaces has an enormous influence on how you feel, perform, operate, and relate to people.

But very often we only pay attention to the obvious – the height of your desk, the folder structure on your computer, neatly stacked t-shirts – but omit to design the bigger, overall context.

I call it ergology (ecology and ergonomy) and it’s a separate project in my todo app.

I’m always tweaking things, optimising, designing.

And the result goes way beyond ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place’ – instead, I get an ecological context where, the moment I walk into my home or my office…

… my *mind* is in the right place, be that for a client session, creative work, or spending time with friends.

So if you often struggle getting focussed, or you frequently feel overwhelmed, maybe ask yourself:

Are you paying enough attention to the design of your space, your work, your tasks and projects and plans – and most importantly: your mind?

Because the design of everything pertaining to how you live, work, think, and move through the world has far too big a bearing on your well-being and your results, to just leave to chance and ‘wherever you last dropped your keys’.

Design your life. It’ll do you good.




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