Think More So You Get to Think Less

There’s two kinds of thinking:

One is the automatic ‘stuck in your head’ kind, where your mind continuously tells you a story that explains your world and your experience to you.

The other is where you deliberately, thoughtfully, logically apply sense.

And while it’s a popular notion that thinking is overrated, that’s not correct.

Mindlessly rehashing stuff, yes: that’s overrated. We all do much too much of it.

But applying logic and common sense? That’s highly underrated.

Like the saying goes: common sense isn’t all that common.

The fun starts when you make it a habit to actually think things through consciously and deliberately, because that’s when you find that you’re ‘stuck in your head’ much less, throughout your days.

You’ll stop overthinking, because actual thinking creates clarity. Your mind won’t need to keep bringing back up the unfinished thoughts, because they’ll be finished, dealt with, and you’ll have clarity and decision.

And how to do that logical thinking, that’s precisely what the Calibrate Reality webinar will show you.

And if you then do the homework as well, you’ll end up with a different approach to your life and biz, and you’ll ‘magically’ find yourself making far better decisions.

With the ultimate result that your decisions will bring you better outcomes, which is kinda the point of decisions in the first place.

The webinar goes live this Thursday, 7PM Europe, 1PM Eastern.

(And if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere: Not to worry. I’ll run the webinar again, at a time more suitable for you).

Meanwhile, my longtime friend and client Paula interviewed me about what the CRD Framework is and does.

Have a listen here: CRD Interview (note: F-bomb at the start, in case you have kids around).

After that, have a signup here:

See you on Thursday?



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